Preparing for Hurricane Season with Professional Tree Trimming Greenville

July 27, 2023

While hurricane season may begin in June, the worst storms tend to come in August, September, and October. As the thick of hurricane season approaches, it is vital to prepare your trees to minimize the risk of damage. One of the best ways to do this is through proper tree trimming. It is not too late to prepare; at Toler’s Tree Service, we offer professional tree trimming Greenville to help you prepare your trees for hurricane season.

Why is tree trimming important?

Trimming and pruning trees is crucial for safety, especially during hurricane season. Keeping trees trimmed throughout hurricane season ensures dead or weak branches are not there to cause property damage. There is also a risk of dead tree branches continuing to fall after a storm. Removing these in advance can protect you and others from potential injury. Additionally, thinning the tree canopy allows wind to move through the trees, making it less likely to be uprooted. A tree trimming from a tree service Greenville also allows trees to grow stronger to withstand the intense wind from a storm.

When to Trim Your Trees

Trimming trees in early spring allows the tree time to heal before hurricane season and is considered the best time to do so. However, tree trimming Greenville is still beneficial in preparing for hurricane season late. Keep an eye on your trees throughout the year. If trees are in contact with electrical wires or appear to have partially attached limbs, it is time to call Toler’s Tree Service to prepare your trees to withstand the eastern North Carolina weather. Trimming tree branches can help prevent power outages by ensuring branches or the tree itself cannot reach the power lines during extreme wind.

How We Can Help

A professional arborist can assess your landscape and work with nature to determine the best way to care for and protect your trees. Our professional Greenville tree trimming team is trained to ensure trees thrive in storm season and will help prevent damage to your property. After completing our work, we will leave your yard clean with no debris. Attempting to tackle a project of this scale can lead to injury if you are not correctly trained or equipped with the correct tools, where a professional arborist can complete the task safely.

Prepare Your Trees for Hurricanes with Tree Trimming Greenville

Hurricane season can be stressful enough. Tree trimming Greenville will keep you, your neighbors, and your property safe in severe weather. Toler’s Tree Service will ensure you have healthy, beautiful, and safe trees in preparation for a storm. Let us do the job and clean up for you!