How Tree Roots Impact Your Property

April 25, 2023

With their convenient shade, aesthetic value, and numerous environmental benefits, trees are popular elements in residential properties. While trees have their perks, many property owners are unaware that tree roots can cause damage to their property. Our tree service Greenville experts agree that all homeowners should learn how to prevent complications from tree roots on their property.

Potential Problems

According to our Greenville NC tree service professionals, obstructed tree roots frequently cause problems with the foundation, infrastructure, and underground utilities.

Foundation Damage

As roots grow, they expand and absorb moisture from the soil. This can cause the structural foundation to settle, crack, or shift, leading to costly repairs.

Infrastructure Damage

Tree roots can grow under sidewalks and driveways, causing them to crack or become uneven. This can create dangerous terrain for walking or driving.

Underground Utilities

Tree roots can damage water pipes, septic systems, and electrical lines. Pipes and cables can break when tree roots wrap around them. This can lead to leaks and connectivity issues.


Careful planning can help prevent tree root complications on a property. Property owners should consider the size of the tree at full maturity and its distance from the home and other structures. Tree service Greenville experts recommend planting trees at least 20 feet away from objects to help prevent damage. Certain tree species have more aggressive root systems. Property owners should plant these tree species even farther away.

Tree Species with Aggressive Roots:

For properties that already have trees, consider installing a root barrier. These will provide a physical barrier between the tree roots and other objects.

Tree Service Greenville | Toler’s Tree Service

Trees are a valuable asset to any property, but homeowners must understand their potential risks. With regular maintenance and carefully selecting and planting trees, homeowners can prevent property damage from tree roots and admire the beauty of their landscape for years to come. Our professional tree service Greenville can provide expert advice and assistance in maintaining healthy trees on any property. Visit our website to learn more about our services.