How to Identify When It’s Time to Remove a Tree

October 30, 2023

Trees play a vital role in the natural beauty of our local landscapes and in improving air quality. While communities benefit greatly from trees, there are times when their presence poses safety risks and becomes a liability for residential and commercial properties. A professional tree removal crew, such as Toler’s Tree Service, has the skills, tools, and knowledge to assess your property and safely remove trees posing a threat. Here are the key signs you should consult with a professional Greenville NC tree removal service.

Health Assessment

The first step in determining whether you should remove your tree is to assess its overall health. Certain tree species are susceptible to various diseases and pests, and a Greenville NC tree service company knows how to identify ailing tree health. If a tree is heavily infested or infected, it may be beyond recovery.

Tree Health Indicators to Check:

  • Wilting leaves
  • Unusual discoloration
  • Abnormal growths along the bark

Common Tree Diseases and Pest Infestations:

Leaning Trees

Trees can develop a lean due to environmental factors, including storms and a lack of proper soil nutrition. If a tree is leaning towards your home or other structures, you may need to recruit a Greenville NC tree removal service to prevent potential damage.

Root Issues

Damaged tree roots may not provide adequate support, making the tree more prone to falling over. This is important to consider if you have had any recent construction work or excavation near your tree, as these projects often damage underground root systems.

Age and Growth Patterns

Old, large trees may start to deteriorate and become a safety risk. Additionally, if branches are overhanging other structures on your property, such as power lines, garages, or other trees, consider calling a Greenville NC tree removal service to avoid future complications.

Contact us for Your Greenville NC Tree Removal Needs

Identifying the right time to recruit a Greenville NC tree removal professional requires careful observation and consideration of tree health, stability, and potential risks. While trees are a valuable asset, safety should always be a top priority for your loved ones and property. When in doubt, consult with Toler’s Tree Service to ensure a safe and efficient process. Explore our different tree maintenance services today to learn how we can help enhance your property.