5 Key Signs That Your Trees Need Trimming

May 31, 2023

Tree trimming is vital for keeping trees healthy and ensuring they pose no safety risks to onlookers or other structures. When the time comes to remove dead or diseased branches, residential and business property owners can recruit the help of our tree trimming Greenville NC experts at Toler’s Tree Service. For those who are new to tree maintenance practices, here are several key identifiers that a tree requires trimming.

Overgrown Branches

If branches are touching power lines, buildings, or other structures, it's time to trim them. Over time, these branches can cause damage to property and pose safety risks when inclement weather occurs. Tree trimming Greenville NC can help prevent these potential hazards and maintain tree longevity.

Dead or Damaged Branches

While dead or damaged branches are unsightly, they can also be dangerous. When left unattended, the lifeless branches will eventually fall due to their weight, posing a threat to property and onlookers below. Trimming these branches will promote healthy growth of the remaining parts of the tree and help prevent accidental injuries.

Uneven Growth

Another sign that a tree needs trimming is when it’s noticeably growing unevenly.

What Does Uneven Tree Growth Look Like?

  • One or more branches that are significantly longer than the others
  • Lopsided appearance (one side lower or smaller than the other)
  • Leaning too far in one direction

Uneven growth is often a sign of other issues, such as a disease or insect infestation. Experts advise recruiting the help of a tree service Greenville NC as soon as possible to assess the underlying cause.

Excessive Canopy

When the canopy (the uppermost branches and leaves that provide shade and shelter) is too dense, it can prevent sunlight and air from reaching the lower levels. This leads to a lack of regular growth, as the lower branches cannot receive adequate nutrients. Trimming the canopy will allow for better air circulation and sunlight penetration, promoting healthy growth throughout the tree.

Tree Diseases

Tree trimming can help prevent the spread of disease and allow the tree to heal naturally, so it's best to address the problem immediately to determine potential remedies.

Common Signs of a Sick Tree

  • Wilting
  • Discoloration (yellowing or browning leaves)
  • Fuzzy/moldy patches
  • Holes in leaves
  • Blemishes along the bark, branches, leaves, or fruits

Trust Our Tree Trimming Greenville NC Experts

Tree trimming is essential for preventing hazardous situations and restoring tree health. At Toler’s Tree Service, our tree trimming Greenville NC experts are available to handle all tree trimming and removal requests for eastern NC residents. Explore our blog page to find more resources and learn more about our company.